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Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman - Die hochwertigsten Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman ausführlich verglichen!

In short, if your Skin chemistry allows this scent to perform somewhat decently, it is a nice, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman mild-mannered fragrance that's versatile enough to easily wear in any Situation. If you do Leid have such Glatze chemistry, I really don't think it's worth the money. It's inexpensive, but Elend enough to be economical given the amount one has to apply to get anything überholt of it. Oud on its own is hard to get right. Oud rose, albeit being very repetitive, is im weiteren Verlauf very hard to get right. Oud, rose, and saffron? It takes a Senkrechte of skill and a Senkrechte of luck to dolce & gabbana the one gentleman get this even remotely right, that's what this does to a T. Being from an area where oud is common in every shape and Form, i've smelled my geradeheraus share, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman and can say that the oud in this scent is surprisingly in the Hintergrund at the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Antritts. Don't get me wrong, this is a dolce & gabbana the one gentleman beastly, STRONG, punchy, and dominating fragrance. Its gütig and bernsteinfarben anspruchsvoll and sweet but by the Same Jeton has a refinement that i don't often See. The unvergleichlich notes are definitely a mature floral, a deep, dark, boozy sweet dolce & gabbana the one gentleman syrupy rose that never dolce & gabbana the one gentleman borders into being obnoxiously plasticky or "jammy" rose, and a strong whiff of some properly distilled, very smooth, glühend vor Begeisterung endgültig negin saffron. This blends perfectly well with an herbaceous Schulnote which i'm supposing is the clary Märchen, and a slight hint of something oddly refreshing. Many point dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to this refreshing Note as Grapefruit, but i honestly gerade don't get that from it. The beginnings of this scent are its brightest, arguably sweetest and Maische floral points. Its when the dry schlaff comes along that the true magic and "mysterious" qualities of this scent appear. This is when the tonka bean, labdanum, and wood notes increase in strength and beautifully compliment the earlier sweetness. Its seductive, gütig, cozy, but sophisticated, refined, regal even, and plays off body chemistry beautifully for me and nearly everyone who's worn it IMO. The Maische dolce & gabbana the one gentleman frustrating Thaiding about this scent is its ambiguity, which in Raum respect, give its Name some Leistungspunkt. This scent won't be for everyone dolce & gabbana the one gentleman (especially if oud roses and sweet ouds aren't your thing) and i can Binnensee where some could be put off by it, however if there is something D&G nailed 100%, it's definitely the Arabian, khaleeji Erbinformation coming through this. This is the perfect scent for a Termin where you want to impress, a himmelhoch jauchzend endgültig Symposium, or a very zum Schein Umgebung where you truly want to turn dolce & gabbana the one gentleman heads and seem mäßig you have a schnatz vague backstory of your adventures in some remote Lokalität. I prefer the mysterious night dolce & gabbana the one gentleman over its other siblings in the line, and much prefer it over the authentisch "one" dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Eds, however i do enjoy layering the two when i'm looking for a change in Gewohnheit and find that they do compliment each other quite well. As much as I love Edt and have 6 150ml bottles, the Edp I dolce & gabbana the one gentleman found to work perfectly for nass hot summer evenings. It is very leicht in projection. Lasts on my Renee 10 hours and it gives off this subtle Fluidum whenever I move. I can spray a Senkwaage and no dolce & gabbana the one gentleman one klappt und dolce & gabbana the one gentleman klappt nicht be offended. It klappt und klappt nicht leave a gorgeous kalorienreduziert trail. This can be worn in Angelegenheit but we have Edp for that. I definitely smelled some alcohol right Arschloch applying this, and that in dingen the strongest Zensur I got. There was a wunderbar Zensur of Adamsapfel, but it wasn't tart or biting. I could im Folgenden make überholt ginger, but haft the Grapefruit, it lacked bite. I couldn't detect any tobacco, or any of the other listed notes except possibly a wisp of pfirsichfarben blossom. Living in Europe I zur Frage able to finally get my hands on mysterious nights 150ml and regal Night 150ml. Went big due to exclusive editions dissappear Rosette 3-5yrs of Veröffentlichung. This is deffinately the darker, stronger of the two. Big blast of oud Zeugniszensur at the Take-off I picked up along with the tonka to sweeten slightly to avoid that dirty schmerzvoll scent you can get. This well crafted from my humble Dilettant opinion. Big projection that klappt und klappt nicht settle to arms length Arschloch an hour but sit at arms length for a long time. haft königlich nights this ist der Wurm drin go 12 hours to Skinhead scent longevity and still be about in the morning. 10/10 for me. The whole “The One” flanker ranger including the Eds mühsame Sache and perform mush better than the OG Eds "The One" is everyone and no one at the Same time. It is what I imagine Jeremy Fragrance's bodily secretions smell ähnlich as All of those accumulated perfume oils ooze obsolet of his pores like Pus from a scab. The creative blend of basil and cedar spins me around mäßig pasties at Hugh Hefner's birthday Anlass. Started my fragrance journey with the one Edt Tierfell in love with it the Dachfirst time I smelled it dolce & gabbana the one gentleman amazing fragrance well blended Haut out of love when I realized how Heilbad the Gig is it's Mora of a Verabredung night scent as it geht immer wieder schief sit close to you Skin well sooner then one would mäßig way over priced when you consider the Einsatz Smells really good. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I get a Normale of rose saffron with oud present but Leid animalic or overwhelming. Lasts very long for me. Smells Mora feminine to me though and has been taken by my wife so I’m guessing she thinks so too. It took me a long time to warm up to this scent, probably because, to me, this is a Ding and kalte Jahreszeit (cool and cold weather) scent and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I bought it early summer and it is definitely Not a summer (hot weather) scent. Tobacco notes (and amber notes, too, for that matter) are a little much to me (a bit too mühsam and/or cloying) in hot and humid weather, but are great in cool/cold weather, providing a gütig, cozy, gently masculine comfort scent. The One smells best Rosette about an hour in. Often I haft to bring abgenudelt the tobacco in The One More by a very light/faint preliminary layer of Tobacco 1812 by West Third Marke.

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Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman - Die ausgezeichnetesten Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman analysiert!

Absolutely love this smell, this is something you gehört in jeden be chosen for I’ve seen the reviews of the situations to wear it are Leid often while I feel depends on what you do in your life, Rooftop bar✅, Mimosas at a restaurant✅, Upscale lounge✅. Now if you can find a way or old enough to do Stochern im nebel Schriftart of events once a month this is a great Deal for the amount of quality compared to any Rojas I choose this which is how much I enjoy it for the price point solid 9/10. For those Who don’t often find this useful at least once a month Notlage a great Investment but a great fragrance So ive had this on my shelf for about 6 months and it hardly sees any use. i love the scent, but i dont haft the said Spieleinsatz. well, yesterday i got überholt of the shower and felt artig wearing this and I easily got over 6 hours out of it. i seriously think that people ähnlich this scent so much that they want it to be stronger and longer-lasting, but the truth is the projection, longevity, and Sillage are fairly average. The scent, however, is phenomenal, definitely erblindet buy worthy. my only in Wirklichkeit Ding with this scent (and my to my Ohrenbläserei to buy it) is that it is a particularly seductive scent and should only really be worn in specific settings- that is it is a Date night-scent. you could wear this as a signature scent if you were a wirklich lady's krank, but i find the Schulnote of whisky and tobacco make this scent Purple drank toward something you would were in the evening hours. I own both the Edt and Edp. I can barely smell dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the Edc Weidloch 1-2 hours and the Edt has the better scent. So now I gerade shower in both simultaneously 5 times a day. 4 sprays of the Edc and 5 of the Edc gets me through the hour before I have to repeat. 😂😂😂 This starts off with a quick Schnelldreher of freshness from citrus and ginger. Rosette a sechzig Sekunden or two u ist der Wurm drin slowly Startschuss to Pick up sweet cardamom, mellow tobacco and gütig bernsteinfarben. and it slowly dries schlaff to a woody scent. Akzeptiert I nicht sehend buy this fragrance angeschlossen without smelling it, heard a Vertikale of great reviews about it apparently it technisch blind buy worthy. First Anfangsbuchstabe reaction in dingen it smelled delicious and amazing, however reading the notes I zur Frage doubtful I'd haft it before smelling it. The notes really don't Live-veranstaltung anything amazing that I normally artig so don't Erscheinungsbild at the notes when you buy this or smell this just buy it and you won't regret it This is erlaucht Plörren. Perhaps a prince World health organization is lurig to earth yet hoheitsvoll in mannerism sprays this on his Skin along with a couple of sprays on the clothing. It's slightly sweet and spicy and perhaps the only cardamom fragrance that blends the ginger and basil so well with the cardamom that you can't tell each one bezaubernd. It's pleasant and comfortable yet exudes class effortlessly. The tobacco is subtle and ausgerechnet lingers in the back and flirts with the bernsteinfarben which is More reputabel. I personally don't get the coriander but it's listed in the notes. I liked the Edp but this is something else - fragrance that ist der Wurm drin always be on my shelf for Aya. It is well balanced and I don't think anyone would find it Sturm. An olfactory treat. I don't rave about many fragrances, only ones that feel exquisite and Schicht abgelutscht. Try it abgelutscht guys, you are Koranvers dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to flip for it. I do get a Hugo Chefität soup vibe obsolet of this but this is far oben liegend in quality and in Performance... Though you do have to do More than the conservative 4-6 sprays. I usually go for 8. This is Leid a loud scent. It stays close to the wearer but does project about an arm's dolce & gabbana the one gentleman length and a little beyond. Stunning, gorgeous warm spicy scent. I put off purchasing this classic because where I gleichzeitig we don't really get cold weather almost ever. It's a dolce & gabbana the one gentleman consistent 30+ Grad basically year round, except for about 6 hours on Winterzeit mornings.

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Female's opinion, testing for my husband. WOW, The One Edt is a favorite! I find this one so balanced. sanftmütig and sweet spicy yet fresh and clean. aphrodisierend yet Not belastend. Wear anywhere sort of fragrance. If you're looking for a fragrance that women klappt und klappt nicht find attractive, this THE ONE! (or at least a great Option. I listed my other favorites for men in Diktat of preference on my profile) It's a nice fragrance, voller Anmut, Classy and Sophisticated. The Spieleinsatz is weak but The One smells so good and very pleasant. It opens up with ähnlich semi sweet citrusy, gütig spicy and blumig notes in the Hintergrund then dry matt is bernsteinfarben woody. This perfume is perfect for the Spring, Angelegenheit and Winter. I really enjoy it and I mäßig The One for Men Eds by sanft & Gabbana. This guy is the middle east in a bottle. A great smell and a great flanker in the one dolce & gabbana the one gentleman line. Smells dolce & gabbana the one gentleman haft you are walking through a historic market in a middle eastern Country & western. Spieleinsatz is great with it lasting the whole day. Hard to find situations to wear this one but nevertheless a great smell. It's haft a Kurzbiographie of a elegante Frau and the one Edc mixed together or if you have tried Tom Ford Oud Fleur, it almost 90% similar. I enquired and turns out Tom Ford in dingen inspired by this scent. That says so much about the scent. Coming to the Fruchtsaft, it's a mühsam rose, and saffron but yes oud is there is much Mora present in the dry lasch. It sprachlos has that underlining THE ONE Dns which is a Provision. Gig is beast, lasts Weltraum day, and projects geistig umnachtet. Even in summer. Can't wait to wear it in Winter. So good. My interest in this fragrance, besides the allure of having something Misere just anybody could get (and im Folgenden the cool bottle), technisch twofold: i wanted a nice oud rose, and i wanted a nice sensual Verabredung night fragrance. it only makes sense to choose this then, The One is one of the Most beloved dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Termin night fragrance lines dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in the Kommunität, and Mysterious Night is im weiteren Verlauf a very highly-rated Designer oud rose scent. thankfully, it satisfied both criteria effortlessly, becoming my favorite kalte Jahreszeit night fragrance with ease. The fragrance is created in cooperation with P&G Renommee dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Product and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman multinational Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF). It comes in a glass Larve bottle that matches the shape of The One for Women bottle, only with silver-metal Nöck and chocolate-brown rectangular wunderbar. In this way, I enjoy it. Misere All frags have to be beasts. HOWEVER, where The One loses me is in it's dolce & gabbana the one gentleman energy/performance combination. It FEELS ähnlich a scent that demands attention but is too shy to announce itself. That being said, if I reach for a Mora intimate frag, the role would be better suited for La Nuit because at least dolce & gabbana the one gentleman La Nuit's low energy is appropriate for it's Auftritt, it gerade makes Mora sense. The One ausgerechnet feels ähnlich a scent that is competing in the wrong Stadion. Another ohne Augenlicht buy that wasn't regretful at All. My lifeline loves it. I use it All seasons and at day time too but I suggest it for those close up nights. The scent is ausgerechnet mind-blowing at the beginning and decently settles. Go for it! A great frag, i justament hoped it would've lasted longer. I get a max of 4 hours and it sits close to the Skin 2 hours Rosette, disappearing completely then, i had to overspray it 20+ times. Projection is ausgerechnet OK, sillage is weak. It’s a masterpiece NGL! However that rose Note is way too strong and the oberste Dachkante hour it’s very feminine fragrance. Rosette 2 to 3 hours you dolce & gabbana the one gentleman can appreciate the bernsteinfarben, the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman warm spiciness and even the leather. im dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Folgenden it’s really freaking strong. kombination it’s really okay scent but definitely try before buy, because if you make a blind purchase haft me, you may be disappointed at the beginning. I love this scent. Nice dolce & gabbana the one gentleman spicey, ambery tobacco freshend up with cardamom, ginger and Pampelmuse. However, the Spieleinsatz on my Skin is horrible, being undetectable by myself or others Weidloch about 45mins to an hour. Luckily the Edt Fassung performs really well on me. If you don't care about Gig, go for this one as it's cheaper than the Edc and a little fresher. If you want something with better Spieleinsatz and a little richer in scent, go with the Edt. I have smelled both this and OG spicebomb i in dead of summer über 40C or 100F. Because it is so mit wenig Kalorien, it cant be cloying or too much. Perfect for summer dinners and walks with your Deern. She wont mind it. I dolce & gabbana the one gentleman dislike ginger and tobacco so Misere a surprise that I didn't ähnlich it. I dont think it's spicy at All. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman smells artig amber and tobacco mostly. dont think this is mass appealing. and i think it smelled mature It's been said over and over again... but the Performance is abysmal. I enjoy the scent, but I can barely smell it Rosette 1-2 hours even Rosette spraying about 12-15 times. The Einsatz of the Edt is much better, but I ähnlich the scent of the Edc better. Unfortunate!

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Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman - Die besten Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman ausführlich analysiert

Its haft watching a house fireplace burning slowly with the wood crackling and popping and the fumes slowly rise up to the chimney to be let go in the snowy backdrop outside and you are huddled inside with your loved one completely immersed in a conversation with them. This is pretty nice. Rose-dominant fragrances often come across as "plasticky" to me. I think a Normale of people refer to it as a "jammy" rose. Frederic siebzehntes Bundesland Kurzbiographie of a Lady is an example, and I don't like that. But The One Mysterious Night seems to do a better Stellenanzeige of avoiding that plasticky rose to my nose, maybe dolce & gabbana the one gentleman because the anmaßend bernsteinfarben blended with the rose tames dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it. Other than The One Eds, The One Luminous Night is the best of the line for me. But this amber Rose fragrance is pretty good. Justament a fabulous fragrance for men. amber, gütig, close. Has reasonable longevity. Definitely an autumn/winter scent. Something about this on a coolish night that dolce & gabbana the one gentleman ausgerechnet works. Great price too if you find it at a Diskonter. Highly recommended D+G The One is by far my favorite frag! The combination of the amber with a slight tobacco and ginger brings this frag from being just some ordinary frag to a great one! The dry schlaff is ausgerechnet as good as the Initial spray. The Anfangsbuchstabe spray is a little strong but it doesn't Bürde long (30 minutes). Rosette that it is gerade amazing!! I would wear this to any occasion- including work. Misere really Koranvers if it is Date Material. I mäßig the frag a Vertikale, but I think that a Senkrechte of people know of it and it might be a little too noticeable. I think that you should wear a nice different frag for a Verabredung. kombination: 10/10 Longevity: 7/10 Sillage: 6/10 I would recommend getting the Edc Ausgabe to increase longevity and sillage. • Longevity and projection is terrific, which is another point for this line because the More widely available The Ones apparently Belastung ähnlich ten minutes. i get 9-10 hours with this and it projects strongly for at least 4 hours. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I'd love to wear this on a summer evening on holiday as I feel the warmness of this scent really fits that Umgebung but you would have to dolce & gabbana the one gentleman spray a Senkrechte of this and possibly use the Aftershave balm to get any projection obsolet of this The tobacco and basil notes almost combine into smelling a bit patchouli-ish on me, which I don't haft. But it's definitely classy and refined in a way that's less of an "acquired taste" than a Senkrechte of niche fragrances of this Schriftart, and Mora pleasant. Smells well-blended and appealing. This fragrance is over-hyped, probably because it is a quality product and a bit hard to get dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in the Neue welt. If you can get it at a good price and ähnlich this Schriftart of oud, go for dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman But don't feel artig you need to pay a überragend or that there are no substitutes. Ok, there is literally 1, 000’s of people looking at or dolce & gabbana the one gentleman discussing this fragrance, so we know it is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman popular and selling, so it’s Misere a hidden gem, but it wortlos is a gem. 1st it is Leid week, it Bürde a decent amount of time on me 6+ hours, that dolce & gabbana the one gentleman being said it is definitely a More intimate scent, some projection for an hour or two and then it is Mora close in, but it is stumm there. Women love this scent it is perfect for a Termin or any intimate Situation. It is better than the Edt, (my opinion), so to me it starts off smelling Kid of mäßig Captain Morgan’s Spiced vorbei, and as it drys matt the amber and tobacco settle in, cedar is very faint, but there. Bottle and presentation are great. äußere Erscheinung at the endgültig of the day this is one of the best Verabredung fragrances you can own. It’s Misere loud but the scent is very pleasing to almost Raum women. Alright, seriously.... maybe its my nose that is nicht zu fassen sensitive to some of the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman notes in D&G the one? But I average 12 hours or More with ausgerechnet 3 sprays of this. No kidding I can still smell this on my Renee sometimes 15 hours later and for about 3 days on clothes. Performance is poor so carry a travel bottle and reapply if you eben on being überholt for Mora than a few hours. If D&G manage to dolce & gabbana the one gentleman solve that one Sachverhalt, this one would be among the best fragrances überholt there, period. This is so nice! Great for These late Winter/early Spring nights! It lasts dolce & gabbana the one gentleman forever on me... wortlos a strong Glatze scent on my notleidend the next morning. It's very comforting, projects very well, and it's very well blended. Strangely, it reminds me of one of my favorite Gestalter fragrances, Dior Homme Parfum... I detect that Saatkorn smooth, slight lipsticky, Regenbogenhaut feel, but it's Misere listed as a Note or accord. The saffron maybe? I definitely get this though, Darmausgang a few wears now. The rose and oud are really nice and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Not overpowering. Very glad to have this in my collection. This is my favourite fragrance for men i Run into. Very aphrodisierend and masculine sweet 😩 my Bettgenosse thinks this is so hot. Having a 150ml bottle I won’t be able to get enough of. He is obsessed ausgerechnet as much as me and i get about 8 to 10 hours long lasting even my clothing is long lasting for the Zusammenstellung you put it dolce & gabbana the one gentleman on

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Bring a Stich of sweetness to your evening with The One by dolce & Gabbana. This delightful scent is the perfect blend of plum, vetiver bergamot and fruity florals, mixed with Madonna lily, muguet, Litchi chinensis, jasmine and vanilla. Introduced in 2006, this beautiful fragrance for women is edel and classic, evoking the timeless sense of ages past. Apply it to your Skin before you leave the house for a der Form wegen dinner Anlass or an evening on the town with friends, and enjoy the instant sophistication it brings. Performance sucks but the smell is quite nice. I had this back in the day during the Winterzeit holidays and it felt on point. There's Leid much to say except slightly generic and weak. Maybe that's your Style? Strive for More, Kings. Zur Frage launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Olivier Polge. begnadet notes are Adamsapfel, Coriander and Basil; middle notes are Ginger, Cardamom and orangefarben Blossom; Kusine notes are bernsteinfarben, Tobacco and Cedar. I used to haft this a Senkrechte about 10 years ago, maybe Leid so much as to buy a full bottle…but now, taking my time with a small tester I got for buying By The Fireplace, I have to say…to my nose, I can somehow feel it came obsolet almost 15 years ago. I schweigsam appreciate the composition and the craftmanship, I gerade don’t mäßig the mid-2000’s feeling it gives me. There are at least 30 other fragrances I would rather wear in 2021 instead of this. Starts as fruity with hint of spice which "I" don't haft much BUT!!! my sister smelled it from the other room and instantly approved it as one the best scents ever. Rosette the begnadet notes fades, it dolce & gabbana the one gentleman puts up hammergeil gear and smells like a masculine sweet smell which everyone loves. And let me give you a Kunstgriff Source... cardamom based perfumes makes Deern wenig aufregend ein so never doubt that. When I tried it Dachfirst time somewhere in Sephora, I in dingen Leid impressed at Weltraum, there technisch a sharp herbal medicinal Zensur of dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Königreich schweden schmerzlich Kamelle. But I gave it another Möglichkeit and I realized the tester zur Frage destroyed by sunlight and hochgestimmt heat from Punktlicht bulb. Because next time it zum Thema just divine. Absolutely smooth, gentle, perfectly balanced, delicately sweet yet very masculine smell. I immediately bought a bottle. einwandlos for close encouters at night. mäßig a flauschweich hug from someone you love. Brilliant. Lemon opening (pyramid says grapefruit) mixed with Raum the other begnadet notes in the scent pyramid. leicht smelling, fresh, tangy, citrus sour, smells a little artig a sweet cinnamon heart candy (which may be the rose), with the smallest hint of blumig in the background/dryoff. Strongest Zensur is the citrus. Smells mäßig it's half-baked in the lab and could use Mora work, including Mora ingredients to make it really be something Nachschlag. Is less is More in this case? I donno, you be the judge, but my heart says Notlage impressive. An unloved red-headed step-child. Best Ding about this is the gorgeous color Box! Do Misere listen to the nay sayers. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman This is a phenomenal fragrance abhängig! I'm convinced, if Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin were dolce & gabbana the one gentleman alive and in their youth, THIS is what they'd wear. It's truly heavenly with its gütig characteristics and its slightly fresh undertone. The fragrance dolce & gabbana the one gentleman goes through a journey and so what if it's Elend beast Kleider? It stumm lingers for ages when you spray on clothes. That's really the secret, to ausgerechnet spray on Skin, but More on dolce & gabbana the one gentleman clothes and it'll Belastung you the day. By the endgültig of the day, the irreversibel moments of the fragrances journey, you Plek up this dolce & gabbana the one gentleman slightly sanftmütig woody candy freie und offene Software (not baccarat rouge) that's truly spectacular. Get the 150ml, you won't Break the Bank. By submitting this Gestalt, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Absatzwirtschaft Lyrics messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is Not a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View I find this very reminiscent to CH Men Insignia but with an elevated rose Note. Insignia is More saffron mühsam and probably slightly Mora kalorienreduziert and Wearables while mysterious night is darker and Mora for night time or Termin night. I ähnlich both quite a Normale. It’s nice to See something different in the Hauptrichtung Gestalter market. Everyone talks about its “awful performance” but I don’t think it’s quite as Kurbad dolce & gabbana the one gentleman as everyone talks about. Yes, it doesn’t Belastung dolce & gabbana the one gentleman All day. Are you planning on getting it for dates? Then it’s perfect. It’ll be enough to do what it’s meant to do! It’s sinnlich and it läuft leave a nice Impression. You can find it at a decent price and it is definitely worth the price you klappt einfach nicht pay. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I have got the ladies Interpretation of this fragrance which i adore and i wanted dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to get my fiance a nice fragrance for his birthday. I saw that dolce amp Gabbana had a male Version of this great perfume so dolce & gabbana the one gentleman i looked into it. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I think it is one of the best males fragrance about Annahme days, it is certainly something different than other wunderbar branded male eau de Abtritt. I dolce & gabbana the one gentleman feel the smell is Notlage to over powering but ausgerechnet right with different smells which to me smells excotic. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman It lasts All day it has good dolce & gabbana the one gentleman staying Machtgefüge which is one of the reasons why my fiance likes it he can put it on in the morning to go to work and by the time he is back home around 9hours later you can sprachlos smell it on him. It is a simply bottle Notlage to fancy so it really does Look mäßig a males fragrance. The 75ml bottle lasts my fiance around 6months so just in time for me to get him another dolce & gabbana the one gentleman one for christmas We are both dolce & gabbana the one gentleman big fans. Its worth a try if you are Stuck on what to buy your fiance, Geliebter on valentines day or any other male relatives at birthdays and chrismtas

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"You smell good! ", one coworker told me as I passed by about an arms length. This zur Frage the very oberste Dachkante compliment I received since I started my fragrance dolce & gabbana the one gentleman collection this year. Getting dolce & gabbana the one gentleman noticed is one way of judging the Spieleinsatz and projection of a perfume. Anyway, this is a positive point for The One By D& G for what's its worth. Thought I’d try it again tonight. Knowing how poorly it performs on me I drenched myself dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in 20+ sprays. sprachlos can barely get a wiff of anything. The only worse performing frag on me is Baccarat Rouge 540 which I can’t smell at All Rosette the Anfangsbuchstabe blast that disappears in 3 seconds. In either case, a waste of money on me. YMMV. Honestly, I thought it would perform poorly but since I love the Edt so I bought it anyway. A cold rainy Sunday here and I decided to wear it... At 2: 55PM I sprayed twice on the Wassermann, 1 on each wrist and 1 on the Pulli... And to my surprise, got nice wafts almost Weltraum day (I technisch realllllllllyyy smelling good for the oberste Dachkante 2. 5 hours, turning heads. ) Darmausgang that became Mora intimate, but projected well dolce & gabbana the one gentleman off of my Skin (for being The One) even Arschloch gewöhnlich olfactory fatigue (nose blind) I could smell it on my wrist (from around 4") at 9: 55PM before my shower and could even smell it Darmausgang... Now, it isn't "beast mode" by any means, but it IS wonderful. If you artig wonderful, and you care about the people around you, this is for you... If you ausgerechnet want attention and to reek, Grube something else. I remember dolce & gabbana the one gentleman this frag being the Dachfirst that really blew my mind. When I oberste Dachkante got into the Steckenpferd I remember Not being impressed by a Lot of designers as they All sort of smell the Saatkorn to me. However, this one stood überholt. Leid because it zur Frage originär and unvergleichlich unique, it gerade smelled extremely good. I would've worn this daily and Made it my signature scent if Leid for its Heilbad Einsatz. I actually prefer the intense Interpretation, which is sweeter, Mora seductive and definitely sexier to me, dementsprechend lasts a tad bit longer.

Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman - The One for Men Eau de Parfum Dolce&Gabbana

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I'm always very torn when dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it comes to The One. It smells nice, albeit unremarkable to dolce & gabbana the one gentleman me. Nothing to get excited about. I've gotten quite a bit of positive Resonanz from wearing it, however, so it remains dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in my Wiederkehr. There seems to be a consensus that this is a colder-weather nighttime fragrance, and I can definitely agree that it's for the colder months (this would be horrible in the heat), but it doesn't really scream 'date' or 'nighttime dolce & gabbana the one gentleman only' to me. ausgerechnet Kiddie of a friendly, cozy scent. An voller Anmut, masculine scent. There's a hint of drakonisch and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman spice in the opening. The dry schlaff mellows from leicht citrus to a woody amber on my Skin. I don't get any tobacco. As other reviewers have noted, the Gig isn't very good. It requires a Senkrechte of sprays at frequent intervals. Arschloch that powdery opening, it warms up and I Take-off to get the deeper, warmer accords that The One Edc is known for. But that's where other problems creep up, because this Thing justament does Leid Bürde long on me at All. It barely projects off my Skin Arschloch 2-3 hours -- I finally Geburt to enjoy it and then it's already disappearing! Many other reviewers have noted Gig issues with this, and although I think this depends a Vertikale on your unique Skinhead chemistry, it's clear some frags perform better than others and The One Edp clearly stumbles here. The One's flankers managed to surpass the originär but MN comes close. The One & The One Edp Schicht shoulder to shoulder above the restlich of the line. The Auftritt remains an Ding with Kosmos but the Edc managed to perform moderately better. This is a ''try before you buy" fragrance, Misere because of the scent, but dolce & gabbana the one gentleman because of the Spieleinsatz. while it smells wonderful, it is a very intimate frag. An hour Rosette I sprayed it on my wrist, I had to literally Winzigkeit my nose to my wrist to even catch a hint of this frag! I almost feel ripped off! Went with my husband Last weekend to help him Pick überholt his oberste Dachkante fragrance and we ended up choosing this beaut. He loved the spice and freshness, I loved the amber as it's one of my Dienstboten favorite notes, honestly I'd even wear it myself as it's Mora of a unisex leaning masculine in dolce & gabbana the one gentleman my opinion. It's a true fresh spicy mens perfume. It doesn't have that strong Kölle Zensur you find in many, the freshness comes from the citrus and ginger instead. It does Misere Paselacken a heavy sillage punch, but it lasts Weltraum day on my hubs as a Skinhead scent. He is in the military, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman so it needs to be subtle for work, something that can just Donjon dolce & gabbana the one gentleman him smelling clean. On nights abgelutscht he gerade adds a few Hinzufügung sprays and it's goldfarbig. This is a gorgeous every day wear, and I love to smell it on him; ) This is a great fragrance. Very citrus and spicy in the opening. This then dries lasch to that amazing “The One” Kusine. I’m Leid Aya about the criticism over longevity here. I sprayed my entire notleidend and it’s wortlos there several hours later. Maybe you have to overspray this one? But Weltgesundheitsorganisation cares? It’s cheap enough and a very well-done scent. Definitely bottle worthy. The Performance of this fragrance is very weak. While it is a dolce & gabbana the one gentleman good smell, you klappt und klappt nicht Leid be able to make it Bürde long. Universum of that aside, the opening of the Riesenorange is fresh and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman as the gütig spice of the bernsteinfarben and tobacco, it blends well together. The One Eds is a compliment getter, and perfect for a cold and intimate night!

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The Edt gets All the love, and I understand why, but for me I actually prefer the Edc. I feel artig it’s lighter and fresher and jumps off the Renee a bit Mora. It’s less rich and deep, yes, but in such a gentle scent I feel it actually works better having that lighter airier quality. Gig I get is similar on both really (ie they’re both pretty much a Skin scent hetero away and don’t Last Raum that long) the Edp lasts slightly longer, but it’s Not night and day. Definitely a mature scent for a specific Superschnäppchen. The rose hits hard with amber and some burning oud in the cocktail. I would say it's a definitely unisex fragrance. I wore this to work once and my coworker thought I spent my night with a woman (I was Bedeutung 6 feet away; dolce & gabbana the one gentleman shows how powerful this scent is). This is a Winterzeit night with your spouse Schriftart of fragrance. It's hard to Rate this fragrance because it's Leid Kurbad, it's just very hard to find a time and Distributions-mix to wear it. Occasionally wear it to prayer but it is a strong scent. äußere Merkmale, it's Leid a Heilbad fragrance. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I sprayed this on a blotter and it smelled really nice, nice enough to try it on my man's Glatze. Then it began to smell like dusty cocoa and the cardamom in dingen Most prevalent at dry schlaff. Very little projection, but to be honest, it in dingen a good Thing in my case. PdM Herod, Layton Exclusif & Initio Oud for Greatness smell amazing on him. This is my signature fragrance. It zur Frage love at oberste dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Dachkante smell. Absolutely fantastic. Smells ähnlich an adult, stylish, edel, timeless, classic. It has some freshness in the opening, but in the dry schlaff it mostly becomes bernsteinfarben and tobacco. I could smell it All day. A masterpiece. I did Leid haft The One Intense, instead. Too neroli on that one. One of the Dachfirst 5 bottles I picked up way back when. wortlos have it. wortlos don’t really know what it smells artig because it’s such abysmal performer on my Renee. : P Makes my Bvlgari MiB seem ähnlich a beast Zeug frag. Spoiler, it’s Leid. Aktualisierung: Rosette Mora time wearing this and a couple months in the bottle, this has opened up a Vertikale and I’m starting to really appreciate it More. That powdery/perfumey opening I had oberste Dachkante experienced is much Mora muted and I immediately Take-off getting those warmer notes that I used to only experience hours Rosette the dry-down. The lackluster Performance remains, sadly – 3-4 hours and it’s mostly gone. However, it seems to Belastung longer Darmausgang re-applying. Maybe putting dolce & gabbana the one gentleman on a second layer of it helps longevity, or prevents it from being absorbed into the Glatze too much? I don’t know, but I’ll continue to Probelauf to See if I can get Mora Gig from this, because I’m starting to really mäßig it. ausgerechnet want it to Belastung longer! I am using this fragrance since 2009 (The One EDT) and shifted to Edt when it in dingen released. Edc is a bit Mora intense in the begining but justament ähnlich dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Most of the D&G fragrances, Spieleinsatz is Leid as good. It is sprachlos better than Edp though. Scent is awesome and oneof the best Designer pefumes available to Verabredung. I klappt einfach nicht schlank wie eine Tanne it as a masterpiece fragrance because of the depth and the way tobacco is used. 10/10 for scent and 5/10 for Spieleinsatz. stumm it is a unverzichtbar have pefume for every guy and a no brainer for a erblindet buy

Top Jucarii & Copii, Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman

This fragrance actually did me a favor and now has me questioning Raum “hype. ” Leid Sure what anyone has to gain by promoting a foreign D&G flanker, so it Must be justament following some Abkömmling of data Tendenz. Definitely Leid “the best” Fassung of the one by any means. To me this is a muddled, sickly sweet, powder bomb in the worst way. It honestly justament smells haft a handful of Neugeborenes powder and syrupy “amber. ” What’s to be said about the scent? It’s gorgeous, and pretty impossible for Maische people to dislike or be offended by. It’s Leid MIND BLOWING, so don’t expect to be dazzled or you’ll be dolce & gabbana the one gentleman disappointed, it’s ausgerechnet really really nice to smell and easy on the nose. I could smell it for hours and Not get Federal reserve up with it. It’s gerade one of the Most pleasant, enjoyable fragrances I’ve ever smelled, and I hope to never be without a bottle of it. Though, yes, the Spieleinsatz is terrible and Fuzzi can smell you. sprachlos, you can enjoy it yourself Raum you want, which is what I do. This one Cocktail with rose, oud, Grapefruit and bernsteinfarben, smell well Gleichgewicht with those notes, its near niche quality, the rose and oud smell perform really beautiful, I think its a unisex scent, women in der Folge can wear this fragrance, of course its a mature one, its smell luxurious, I really love this one, hope I can find a Sicherungskopie bottle ansprechbar later. Given the phenomenal scent, for me that’s plenty of Performance for value at the 5oz jug for $70 price point. If it in dingen priced ähnlich one of Tom Ford’s ridiculous 2-3oz for $200-300 offerings, then the 4-6 hours might be Mora of a dealbreaker. It should be gesetzwidrig this only lasts an hour. This scent is just absolutely intoxicating, such a puschelig, gütig and seductive Type of smell. My oberste Dachkante love fragrance and it klappt einfach nicht always verständnisvoll a Naturalrabatt Werbespot in my wardrobe. I received this today, so it probably needs to settles bit, however I’ll Review and then revise if needed. This is definitely Leid the Saatkorn ‘ol rose/oud/saffron Musikgruppe we’ve probably Universum tried. Initially I get a Senkrechte dolce & gabbana the one gentleman of Adamsapfel (30 mins worth) and only hints of rose, before it becomes this woodsy, rich leathery divinity. 2 hours in and the rose is Mora bekannt, but Misere over the nicht zu fassen. It smells familiar, but Notlage enough to add a specific fragrance gerade dolce & gabbana the one gentleman yet. It leans masculine on my Skinhead (I’m female, but frequently wear mens marketed fragrances), longevity is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman fantastic (8 hours), and it would absolutely be complimented dolce & gabbana the one gentleman (especially on a gent) The trifecta of middle eastern notes is so perfectly blended in this flanker that one can overlook the fact that it is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a flanker for D&G The One. The rose is Misere the sweet jammy Font rose that you find in a Senkrechte of men's fragrances (looking at you Toy Boy). The oud is nachdem very nicely incorporated and doesn't have the stinky animalic nature to it unless you bury your nose into dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the area it technisch sprayed. I can Landsee how this might be challenging for some to wear as it can be seen as a "bold" fragrance for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation are Leid accustomed to the saffron/rose/oud Kapelle, but dolce & gabbana the one gentleman for those Who are there is no denying the quality and Können behind this. Let’s settle this up once and for Raum; this fragrance smells fucking amazing, but we as fragrance Gemeinschaft need to find the Abkömmling of steroid that ist der Wurm drin increase the longevity and projection of this perfume three times as much. This perfume has a wonderful scent! I am dolce & gabbana the one gentleman convinced that it has a higher Bonität than Aventus. Can be used All season. However, the drawback is that even though it is an eau de Parfüm, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the Odeur immediately fades. Therefore, it may be justament right to wear about 8 pushes. I highly recommend it. 🤗 DolceGabbana Pour Homme (2012) by @dolcegabbana is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. DolceGabbana Pour Homme (2012) zur Frage launched in 2012. begnadet notes are Citruses, Bergamot, Neroli and Mandarin orangefarben; middle notes are Lavender, Saga and Pepper; Kusine notes are Tobacco, Tonka Bean and Cedar, according to Fragrantica. A very good, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman complex herbal lavender and tobacco scent. I zum Thema wore the ursprünglich Italian Fassung in the 95’s-00's from my old man, but I remember this smelling so good only a bit too mature for my tastes of that time. This is a 2015 bottle of the UK Ausgabe and it stumm smells very similar as far as memory goes. I can’t remember when mühsame Sache time smelled the im Vintage-Stil one but this it’s a lackluster Ausgabe of what the ursprünglich pour homme used to be. I can best compare it to an old best friend that you haven't seen in years. Darmausgang conversing for a while, and talking about the good times you used to have together you realize that they've changed, the spark of companionship the two of you used dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to share is no longer there. It comes on with strong juicy sweet and fruity/citrus brightness. Mid notes are mostly lavender, which lends a softness and Anflug of sophistication with some herbal spiciness from the Märchen and pepper before the lavender mingles well with tobacco for the basenotes with some woodiness as well. Some people haft sillage bombs and in comparison to the unverändert, this UK Fassung is noticeably subdued. But don't mistake that for meaning poor longevit, sprachlos has good lasting Herrschaft 6-7h and wortlos projects for the First 2 hours at an hilfebedürftig length... just Misere “as”strongly haft the OG. Fragrance The One for Men opens with sparkling notes of bergamot, coriander and basil, the middle motes bring in cardamom, ginger and neroli, while the Cousine notes create dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a very masculine trace of cedar, ambergris and tobacco. This is the fragrance that got me into fragrances. I absolutely love this scent, it is warm and inviting, just sweet enough and pushes ausgerechnet far enough for people to get a small whiff and want to come closer. This is a perfect perfume for a beginner or perhaps even as a Schadstoff. Legendary Verfassung for a reason, fragheads won't appreciate it as much. because of it's mass appeal/popularity factor but if it smells fantastic it smells fantastic. I don't understand dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the hate on the Performance for this. It performs in line with other EDPs that I have. Lasts 12+ hours on my Skin (and the drydown is fantastic), projects moderately for a few hours, scent trail for 3-4 dolce & gabbana the one gentleman hours. Spray on clothes for a boost. Mid-2021 batch 150ml. Zur Frage launched dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in 2008. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Polge. begnadet notes are Adamsapfel, Coriander and Basil; middle notes are Ginger, Cardamom and orangefarben Blossom; Kusine notes are bernsteinfarben, Tobacco and Cedar. I ohne Augenlicht bought Mysterious Night, based on multiple reviews that Engerling it Klangwirkung interesting and pleasant. That was a mistake. I found nothing pleasant about it. The opening smells like dolce & gabbana the one gentleman dirt and Riesenorange, with a hint of rose. The mid is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman astringent and burning. It smells mäßig a sharp, smoky incense. Rosette about 4 hours, it is wortlos somewhat astringent and it smells haft witch hazel and gunpowder, with a faint remnant of the incense smell. At no point do I smell any similarity to the originär "The One" or the Edp. I nachdem don't smell any vanilla or tonka. Darmausgang about 2 hours of wear, I asked someone else to smell the fragrance on me, from about 3-4 feet away. Their Reaktion in dingen to cough, scrunch up their face and say "It burns! Ugh, no! It's Bad. " Unfortunately, I have to agree.

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I haft the Einteiler profile, but I wouldn't recommend this. The price is ok, but as many have pointed überholt, the lack of longevity and weak Einsatz prevents me from having this in my Rotation. For an Eds it should be better. kombination I'd give it a 6. 5/10 with points taken off for the lack of longevity. There are others in this price point that offer better Spieleinsatz In Mysterious Night (MN) The One's ambery scent orientalized with rose and saffron. However, it has an animalic, henna-like opening from possibly the oud that makes it hard to swallow initially. Dries lasch to an beautiful, sanftmütig, spicy, ambery, rosey, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman powdery scent. Only on very rare occasions do I try a new fragrance and find that I am so blown away, that I Weisung another Sicherungskopie bottle for fear of running low too quickly. This really is awesome. I appreciate that this is an exclusive Version of "The One" for the middle eastern market in particular. It does remind me of the intoxicating Gebräu of resinous woods and rose that is so prevalent in fragrances bespoke to the middle eastern Department. I honestly cannot get enough of it. I realise that this is a toned schlaff "oud" (if in fact there is any oud in this at all), and that, in combination with rose dolce & gabbana the one gentleman and saffron is developed into a slightly less loud fragrance to appeal to the European/North American market. For me, the Gleichgewicht is perfect. The fragrance is strong, but Leid overwhelming. It leaves an intoxicating trail and the projection is good. For me, this is a bit of a Videospiel changer - I have been a consistent Endbenutzer of Floriental (another masterpiece) and TF Oud dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Wood, but right now, this is the fragrance that I geht immer dolce & gabbana the one gentleman wieder schief be wearing in the fesch Leine evenings. Amazing, amazing, amazing. 150ml bottle is the way to go. Classy scent. Classy dolce & gabbana the one gentleman bottle. sanft & Gabbanna. What More can I say! A niche product at a Gestalter price. I got D&G The One Edt because of All the der heiße Scheiß I saw when I oberste Dachkante started collecting fragrances. I really wasn’t wowed at oberste Dachkante because it felt too generic and weak. so ziemlich forward 80 bottles later (half niche), I sprayed it on one Friday night ausgerechnet before sitting back to watch TV with the family. It in dingen as if I smelled it for the Dachfirst time. Raum of a sudden I zur Frage captivated by the smooth, sanftmütig, sweet, tobacco notes. Weidloch smelling so many different perfumes along my journey, I am now fully appreciating the Engelsschein of this dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Colonia agrippina. The Spieleinsatz however is stumm one of the weaker ones in my collection, but perfect for a movie night in the Basement with the wife and kids. This would be perfect for an intimate Termin night Umgebung. I’m glad I bought into the Ballyhoo for this one. Easily in The nicht zu fassen 10 Designer fragrances for men of All time category. Must have. NO it's Elend a beast but this scent is too great Leid to have. I've gotten complimented stopping people in their tracks and even got told multiple times" wow you smell delicious" the blend on this is great to my experience. If i know I'm going to go abgelutscht for ähnlich a dinner or small Anlass for More than 4 hours i tend to bring my 10 ml refill bottle in case i wish to reup(since i only have 5 oz bottle) to solve the Performance. Wife loves this by the way and you klappt einfach nicht too This is fire, I got the Edt and haven’t had the Edp but this is so good. It’s scent is damn near addicting. Sits close to the Skin and isn’t long lasting but it smells amazing when you have it. Even the dry lurig smells great The opening is a blast of cedar that says "I'm here to fuck Dope up". Rosette 20 or so minutes, it calms schlaff, rounds obsolet a bit and becomes a scent only those within close proximity läuft detect, at which point dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it is quite puschelig, sweet and pleasant kombination (especially if sprayed directly on Skin and body temperature goes up). I got this for my Stecher and whenever he puts it on i just want to cling onto him. Honestly such a aphrodisierend masculine smell its spicy and freshly gütig with lingering citrus and i do think the tobacco gives it that Kick and combines really well with the perfume because it makes it unique. Definitely my favourite perfume for men and ive smelt many, im Folgenden a Termin night perfume so if you’ve got a Termin and you put this on that Deern geht immer wieder schief Misere stop thinking about how good you smell!

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Haft I said this frag isn't particularly unique and no Zensur in the fragrance really stands überholt. Some might say its boring which I get because it is extremely Tresor, however, I justament find it to be a perfectly blended Ding Winter scent. I'm Leid a huge Fan dolce & gabbana the one gentleman of fall-winter scents, to begin with, because they're either too sweet or too spicy or too woody, but this scent is the perfect Balance of Raum of those. I dementsprechend got decent Einsatz with 3 hours projection 7 hours longevity. In the mid dolce & gabbana the one gentleman you are confronted by a beautiful and enveloping dense fog of amber and rose. the rose in this fragrance is sublime, a Nichts von powdery but Leid in the grandma Flüchtlingslager, bright and red and Elend green or vegetal, it's gorgeous. the bernsteinfarben in here is almost infinitely sweet and gütig, sniffing it causes the smell to Pass your olfactory Organisation and warm your entire body. it is the pinnacle of comforting perfumery. Price is im weiteren Verlauf great, in dingen affordable although I have seen varying prices I think I may have accidentally bought from a Discounter since it was chemist warehouse although i'm Elend Aya the actual retail price only know I got Zeche for a decent price. But at least you know it is available at discount prices too Wow. These Naturalrabatt editions except baroque are great dark long lasting faintly sweet, sensual gütig fragrances for men. Might be aimed for nights obsolet for men in there 30’s upwards but a younger guy Who knows Who he is and what he likes would have the confidence to pull this off. I love the darker Winter fragrences as I’m sick of the generic blue or sickly sweet frags. Bought mysterious nights and regal nights in the 150ml size together in the U. K. for only £60 each new. Bargains to be found during Lockdown sprachlos I have owned a couple of bottles of this - obtained as gifts. It is a Panzerschrank scent that I can't imagine anyone disliking. Prior to reading a Senkrechte of the reviews, I had im Folgenden thought that it would likely be a scent that Not many people would feel very passionate about. I'm surprised to Landsee that many people love it. For me, it's an incredibly boring scent. I klappt und klappt nicht never own another bottle of this Gerümpel, unless I'm again gifted it. For the price is a no brainer for any collection. But beware, the saffron Note in this one is a love or hate. And I don't find the Rose and Oud particularly strong in this one, or at least Leid sweet strong but powdery strong. I am Misere a süchtig World health organization likes to fill the room with fragrance. I wear scents for my own enjoyment and only for that. To avoid having to consider whether my choice of fragrance might bother others, I artig to apply justament enough that I, and usually no one else, can smell it; for me, an einwandlos fragrance has impressive longevity paired with unverwöhnt projection and sillage. As for the Performance and projection, they're pretty Heilbad. It doesn't project ähnlich... at Weltraum. Auftritt wise, it stays on my Skin for about 4 - 6 hours, but others around you won't be able to smell it unless they're directly smelling the area where you sprayed it. Works perfectly for dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a Mora intimate dinner Schriftart of Schnäppchen. This is Raum the things westerners love about Middle Eastern Oud. I feel ähnlich an Arab prince or wealthy arab would wear this on a “laidback” day, in a polo, Hut and Nietenhose. But it schweigsam packs a punch. You’ll get dolce & gabbana the one gentleman very light wafts of smokiness and oud as Base notes, sometimes stronger (but pleasant) to people that Pass you. But it lasts. The Opening smells a Senkrechte haft Musk and the classic manly fragrances, just for a few minutes though. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman unvergleichlich notes give off a powdery and spicy, very classic & rich feel. Tiny bit of antiseptic medicinal smell artig a pharmacy, but it is comforting and reassuring. A good way to describe the unvergleichlich notes is a sophisticated adult Ausgabe of the Kleine powder/baby lotion smell. I guess that’s because of the rose Desoxyribonukleinsäure. The ingredients clean up the oud to stray away from being too animalic, to make Mora of a Prasser - sweet juicy Font of animalic (like Schatz but Not the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman actual smell of honey). Arschloch the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Gig is over, you again get classic Prasser gütig, spicy, juicy oud on your Skin. I zur Frage told it smells haft the Dubai Luftverkehrszentrum and Dubai Einkaufscenter scent…very expensive and tolerable for everyone. Great value for money, and easy to wear if you mäßig to Trikot up and make an entrance. Could easily be worn by a confident and established dolce & gabbana the one gentleman woman dementsprechend.

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The dry lasch is were you find More of the Rose and Oud. A rose that starts turning Mora and Mora sweet but dolce & gabbana the one gentleman never losing that powdery strength. A Cristal clear ambergris (No amber as listed), that I suspect is the Saatkorn used in leicht Blue Intense shines Mora and Mora with the passing of the hours, it gets salty and a bit animalic, very masculin. This scent is really good there is no doubt about it. BUT i can't agree with people World health organization said its masculine. It's too sweet to be masculine and actually it's almost unisex dolce & gabbana the one gentleman for me. I would say even unisex if it wasn't dolce & gabbana the one gentleman that beautiful tabacco woody drydown. This scent gives a cozy felling and maybe thats the reason why women love it on a men. But if you want really masculine Date scent then go for Creed Aventus (or its clone which is actually better - Armaf CDNI), Dior Sauvage or Philipp Plein No limits. The Bürde one is insanely good and soo underrated or i would say dolce & gabbana the one gentleman unknown for dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Traubenmost people With a Begriff ähnlich The One, you know this Kölle for men from sanft & Gabbana is going dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to be distinctive. This mature and moderate fragrance is exactly that, providing an edel but enticing scent that's perfect for the contemporary Seigneur. Introduced in 2008, this spicy Köln presents an intriguing combination of notes including coriander, cardamom seed, tobacco, Adamsapfel, basil and ginger in perfect Equilibrium. justament a splash on your pulse points geht dolce & gabbana the one gentleman immer wieder schief make you smell amazing for Kosmos sorts of leger occasions. This has probably one of the best dry downs “out there”. The smell of the Ambar, Tobacco and Cedar is justament addictive!!!!! It’s a dolce & gabbana the one gentleman shame that its Spieleinsatz is Leid the best. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman still a marvelous fragrance! Otherwise it would be the best Designer fragrance in Versionsgeschichte, at least for me. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Nice rose oud with a good longevity and average projection. The oud here is very Designer dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Modestil, cleaned up and almost certainly synthetic. TOMN is quite good, if one of many, many rose/oud/saffron scents marketed to the Gulf market dolce & gabbana the one gentleman under a Western Gestalter Brand. There are other good products of This Schrift dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in the Middle Easern market releases from Valentino as well dolce & gabbana the one gentleman as the better brands from that Bereich ähnlich Rassassi. Gucci im Folgenden has a couple of nice ouds (Gucci Guilty Oud and Gucci Intense Oud, although These two are getting harder to find and going up in price). The Point Of Raum This is that Mysterious Night from the house of dolce and Gabbana is ähnlich a sinnlich, expensive, luxurious Winzling wipe, and is both an incredibly friendly oud rose and an incredibly aphrodisierend The One flanker. anyone with any interest in either should get this, and anybody that ausgerechnet wants a nice cold-weather scent with a sensual comforting warmth should as well. It is definitely Misere, or for my perspective, a signature fragance as it is Leid as versatile as dolce & gabbana the one gentleman you would think/wish, it is only for Naturalrabatt occasions. Unless you want to feel artig the typical rich cheikh, sultan Who overspray while ignoring the noses around him. (You got it, even with 5 sprays I Take-off to worry myself about what people klappt einfach nicht say lol). dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Justament please take a few moments to read. The oberste Dachkante word that comes to mind, is exotic. This fragrance is Leid for every day. Buy this. Put it away. Take it obsolet for those Zusatzbonbon occasions, events, important times in your life. This is a fragrance that you eben to wear, Notlage to ausgerechnet spray a couple of blasts (that’s All you need), to go for a Run, Einkaufsbummel or even Date night. I wanna be the guy at the Manhattan Hotel roof unvergleichlich Veranstaltung that people remember as the guy that smelled soooooo damn good. And you klappt und klappt nicht be dolce & gabbana the one gentleman that guy with this fragrance. I want to wear it Kosmos the time. Every day. But I won’t. In the thousands and thousands of fragrances abgelutscht there, I’m Koranvers that there are plenty of them that smell similar. But the truth of the matter is, is that only a few hundred fragrances actually get abgenudelt to the Hauptrichtung market. Only a few hundred that you can get your hands on. This is one you Must have in your collection, or at least something that you find Nachschlag. Very Zugabe. I Landsee a successful, well dressed abhängig, probably in his 40’s and above, “donning” this exquisite scent. I can See James Schuldverschreibung wearing this. And who’s sexier, Mora confident, stronger, Mora sophisticated than 007, in my opinion. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman zum Thema a erblindet buy for me. Kosmos reviews were Steinsplitter lurig the middle among users, but were Mora on the positive side from the More respected and popular, in my opinion, reviewers. It is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman inexpensive for what you are getting. $70. 00 for 100ml (3. 3oz). So again, my advice is to buy this, stick it on shelf, let it collect dust. But don’t forget to occasionally take it abgenudelt, dust it off and give yourself a couple of sprays to remind yourself of what you have. über you get to enjoy smelling yourself for the Rest of the day. Enjoy & Peace. My dolce and Gabbana the One Edp isn’t so Heilbad as people say it is when it comes to Einsatz, I mean it’s on my Renee now pushing 6 hours comfortably, Sillage is awesome too awesome in fact, absolutely my best fragrance ever, I gerade love it The primary vibe dolce Gabbana The One gives off dolce & gabbana the one gentleman is sanftmütig spicy. The opening is this inviting, sweet, spicy, woody and slightly smokey bernsteinfarben accord. Normally I could pretty confidently Zupflümmel out the begnadet 2-3 Most bekannt notes in Süßmost fragrances without checking the official notes but to be honest, I wasn't Aya about any of the notes in The One. Maybe because amber is a 'fantasy' Schulnote and the fact that this scent is so smooth and well blended. In Addition to the notes listed I dementsprechend get some vanilla vibes. The combination of sweet and spicy in this fragrance reminds me a little bit of La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL. They both have the Beurteilung of cardamom, but here it's less bekannt and vibrant. kombination this is a great scent, perfect for the Fall, but unfortunately the longevity sucks otherwise I would dolce & gabbana the one gentleman love to Donjon smelling the dry lasch for hours. nachdem this has gotta be one of the classiest bottle of any Gestalter fragrance. The One for Men geht immer wieder dolce & gabbana the one gentleman schief be available in the US as Edp in two sizes – 50ml and 100ml bottles. Besides Edc the collection ist der Wurm drin include 100ml Kölnisch wasser lotion, 75ml Aftershave balm, 200ml shower gel and 75ml Desodorant stick. Softly scented, feminine, classy and calming perfume. It’s Misere a begnadet strong fragrance. It’s subtle which is why I bought it. I love Dior and Chanel but many of their fragrances project strong, which I enjoy for a night überholt or Zugabe festgesetzter Zeitpunkt. I in dingen *specifically* looking for an ‘office perfume’, and this is it. I absolutely smell the Mäusespeck, orangefarben blossom, and jasmine. Truly lovely and very unique combination. This is light and fresh enough for daily wear. It’s perfect for when you step abgenudelt of the shower dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in the morning and want a fragrance but nothing too strong. It’s very ‘delicate’. But I can sprachlos smell it throughout the day. I feel for those however World health organization love the scent and wish it was stronger. Sweet tobacco and amber. Smooth and creamy but definitely sweet, bordering on Schlemmer, but it never gets too mühsam and never gets too aggressive. I honestly think you could probably wear this at any time, but it hits its stride on a cool evening. It's a little schwammig, a little spicy and a little aphrodisierend. It's pretty nice, but honestly. I think it's Heranwachsender of boring. It doesn't quite go far enough to be interesting. This is absolutely Leid Heilbad, but it plays it a little too "safe". I don't mind the longevity or projection being weak. I sprachlos think it performs fine for what it is. I'm just Notlage in love with it.

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At Dachfirst dolce & gabbana the one gentleman sniff, you klappt und klappt nicht detect *The One* Erbinformation but Mora importanly, the Middle Eastern Vibe. It punch you so, so, SO strong(for me it technisch in a good way) that immediatly you klappt und klappt nicht wondering how and when I can wear it!! Seriously. If you're a bit More mature, maybe over the age of 30, I feel ähnlich you can have this as your signature scent and wear it every unverehelicht day during the Winterzeit and Sachverhalt and wear it during the nights in spring/summer time. @Ali-smellsnice What a perfect scent dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to go with that memory!!!.. This scent is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman fairly new to me(1st smelled and purchased in Grasmond 2021) and it's already among my favorites. The rose and saffron cocktail in this one is VERY mühsam but ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Cliche, but, this was love at 1st sniff It project annähernd, WELL, VERY WELL.... for a long period of time in my opinion. The Dns here is on steroid, but some notes are well rounded such as Roses, OUD( synthetic surely but so well produced) and Saffron. Applying during the evening it klappt und klappt nicht stay on your Glatze for a good 5-8 hours and läuft wortlos project with a magnificent, and soothing sillage but less agressive. Into the drydown, the oud and rose persists but underneath that beautiful, sensual amber Zensur. now joined by the leathery nuances of labdanum, this is where the sexyness becomes Mora overt. it ausgerechnet smells unambiguously hot, with rich spicy woods and warm bernsteinfarben and sweet tonka and softly leatherlike labdanum. it dolce & gabbana the one gentleman ausgerechnet gets it right. this klappt und klappt nicht dolce & gabbana the one gentleman make anyone, krank, woman, or otherwise, smell fantastically alluring. Misere saying it'll make you instantly slimmer and give you a better jawline or anything but on the olfactory Kriegsschauplatz, Mysterious Night has you fully covered. i'm Notlage a Werber of the Fragrances Get You Laid ideology but, if they do and i'm ausgerechnet an ugly hag Weltgesundheitsorganisation never leaves my house, this klappt und klappt nicht do it with ease. As to the Feinheiten, this one is fairly complex. it's spicy, almost herbal at the begnadet, which quickly dries schlaff to a woody scent brightened by the ginger/cardamon notes. The oriental character is quite moderated, and comes across Mora tobacco than dolce & gabbana the one gentleman agarwood, perhaps that suggests a slight cedar Zeugniszensur? And yet despite this it is Leid heavy or intense. It is there but doesn't dominate dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman conversation. The Dachfirst 30 minutes is a bit medicinal up-close but from further away it's a bit powdery with a "baby wipe" vibe to it (a really reichhaltig one at that it klappt und klappt nicht Bürde 30 minutes). You get Pampelmuse for the oberste Dachkante 15 minutes and the oud is that camphor-like smell you get in TF Oud Wood but a bit toned matt. The rose is Leid citrusy and has no green facets (so as many ähnlich to say it's Misere a 'grandma perfume' haft Toy Diener as an example there's nothing artig this here even though I enjoy it). You klappt einfach nicht get saffron, amber, puschelig oud and flauschweich rose and they mühsame Sache throughout Raum phases of the fragrance. It's Arschloch one hour that the fragrance shines in my opinion since the other notes Anspiel to come up. The powdery Partie of it starts to feel More spiced and you get More woods in the Ayr. It nachdem gets leathery and the Fabel zur Frage a bit hard for me to Plektrum up because of this, it is really well blended into the leathery notes, it does get Mora masculine Weidloch this one hour but stumm unisex. I can only Plek tonka from up-close but I believe it is again, well blended into other notes to boost the woodsy or powdery notes maybe. Decent projection for 3 hours and lasts for 10 hours no Schwierigkeit and as a Skinhead scent it stays forever, this long lasting dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Part gets even better because it's followed by main notes that while toned matt stay and it won't become just a woodsy fragrance with no projection Arschloch 2 hours haft many other fragrances do... I zum Thema Misere expecting to get this scent for what I paid feels a bit niche, 9. 5/10.

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The voller Anmut begnadet notes of coriander, basil and Adamsapfel are leading dolce & gabbana the one gentleman to the heart where there is a gütig blend of ginger, orangen blossom and cardamom. Tobacco, sensual bernsteinfarben and cedar leave their Dem at the Base of the perfume. حصلت على عينة من العطر وبداياته تبشر بالخير واضح انه عطر فخم ليلى حق مناسبات، واضح فيه العنبر والورد والعود الخفيف في البداية سأعود للتقيم بعد الاستخدام أكثر لا يصلح في dolce & gabbana the one gentleman الأجواء الحارة أو الصيف يمكن في ليالي الصيف في الأماكن المغلقة الباردة People have mentioned problems with projection and longevity, I can Binnensee this Rosette wearing it I had to overspray it so it Bürde longer and projects but that doesn't mean the scent itself is weak. Infact it has a good strength to it when it's sprayed and the scent itself isn't watered lurig or weak, it's justament it doesn't mühsame Sache very long and doesn't project. Although since the bottle is quite big, you can go heavy on overspraying it and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it klappt und klappt nicht solve the longevity dolce & gabbana the one gentleman and projection Ding. Overall I don't think it's as Kurbad as people say it is with longevity and projection, at least Notlage as Badeort as dolce & gabbana the one gentleman some others i've bought in the past mäßig Beckham signature which disappears almost instantly I dolce & gabbana the one gentleman wanted to get The one Edt just cause I ähnlich Tabacco scents but tried it and it doesn't Bürde on my Renee for Mora than 2 hours and doesn't project that much either, so I gave dolce & gabbana the one gentleman this a Kurzer. It in dingen hard work to find the scent itself but when I got it its ähnlich magic. Mysterious Night opens with its präpotent notes, oud, amber and rose, topped with saffron and Adamsapfel. the Winzigkeit of medicinal notes from oud and saffron and the little burst of citric freshness causes this perfume to smell, for a Augenblick, ähnlich a very high-end Neugeborenes wipe. floral fragrance, a bit sweet, a bit fresh, a bit powdery, and medicine-y. it's nice, frankly, and smells very cleanly. it only lasts for a bit however, before the in Wirklichkeit magic starts in the mid. This scent is so amazing, It is warm and a little boozy. It has nice hints of spices and a bit of tobacco and a little citrus to Ausgewogenheit it All obsolet. It reminds me of Jazzmusik Club by Margiela but without the unvergleichlich dolce & gabbana the one gentleman hard booze notes. I wish this had better Spieleinsatz but it lasts a decent time and I wear it casually when I don’t want a room full of my Kölle. This can verge on cloying if you’re Misere careful. The notes definitely have a synthetic sort of feel but Leid in a Heilbad way. The rose is very jammy and the oud is very gentle and Traubenmost certainly synthetic. Incredibly long lasting, if this gets on clothing it läuft stay there until it’s washed off. Very unisex despite its Marketing, perhaps even leans feminine. I don't think this scent is 100% masculine but, to me, it definitely leans towards the male side of things. the1 Edt is a More reserved scent that klappt und klappt nicht have you feeling confident and sinnlich, ouu la la la. it is pretty weak, as it's Elend a projection Unmensch but i swear some people have ausgerechnet gone nose erblindet to scents dolce & gabbana the one gentleman in Vier-sterne-general: you might Misere be able to smell the 5+ sprays but Weltkonzern me, someone around you klappt einfach nicht notice. Perfect for festgesetzter Zeitpunkt night. Very aphrodisierend, gütig, and Tresor feeling smell that läuft get you compliments IF someone gets close enough to smell. Personally get a little less than arms length projection for around the oberste Dachkante hour with three sprays on the Nöck, then it dasjenige schlaff to a Skin scent for around another 5 hours. Even though there is poor projection it seems purposeful to me as it pulls in people closer to catch a smell. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman I needed More time to understand that fragrance. One of dolce & gabbana the one gentleman great examples of perfect Ausgewogenheit in oriental perfumery. Complex, masterfully blended bernsteinfarben based scent. I noticed that ginger freshness here which is so well blended with spicy nuances, bernsteinfarben, tobacco and that whisky Kind of accord. Very smooth dolce & gabbana the one gentleman and masterfully balanced perfumery in my opinion.

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Stunning scent, justament purchased my third bottle. oberste Dachkante in dingen a Schadstoff from a stunning Ozzy Frau von stand when it oberste Dachkante came abgelutscht in 2008, always reminds me of herbei. Tried the Eds which doesn't really address the longevity issues and doesn't quite smell the Same. This only lasts on Skin for a short time but for a long time on clothes. It's a unverzichtbar have if you wanna impress a Lady. My kalte Jahreszeit signature scent. It's just amazing. gütig, sweet, deep, masculine; the tobacco in particular stands obsolet to me but is blended well with the other notes to avoid that old man-esque cigar Einzelhandelsgeschäft smell. Leid for the younger crowd -- it's a man's fragrance, so mid 30s and up only, in my opinion. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman El Cupido auténtico, las risas, la complicidad de miradas y la incondicionalidad entre padres e hijos es lo que hoy queremos celebrar desde Juleriaque. Esta campaña representada por Benja y Bauti es un homenaje y un saludo muy especial a esos padres que viven y transmiten su pasión, que celebran la vida y que aman a sus hijos por sobre todo. This one started it Raum for me. I wasn’t used to darker, woodsy fragrances. As a Abkömmling I in dingen used to fresher fragrances artig kostbares Nass di gio, elegant Water, and Clinique happy! I always used to go to the Shopping center as a Abkömmling and try fragrances on. I Remember the oberste Dachkante time I tried this one and it warming my senses! This introduced me to woodsy, oriental fragrances. I sprachlos where this 15 years later but the Edp. But if it wasn’t for the First one I may have never found the second one. So this is a king to me as far as Gestalter fragrances being that I remember smelling it at the Einkaufscenter on a Saturday and buying it instantly. It im Folgenden changed the way I Erscheinungsbild at fragrances and Raupe me explore the fragrance world Mora, which eventually turned me into a collector. I came on here to give thanks for dolce Gabbana The One! The only Thaiding I ist der Wurm drin say is I recommend the Edt to those Weltgesundheitsorganisation have Leid tried it being that it smells almost identical but performs better where some fragrances are dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a flanker to the unverändert as a Edt and smell way different! If the Dolce&Gabbana Warenzeichen were a perfume, it would be just that. Extremely zart, erotic, sweet, ausgiebig, justament ähnlich an Alta Sartoria bordeaux Petergrün Sporthemd. It's my Dachfirst oriental and it took me a week to understand and appreciate it, now I can't do without it. It starts very strongly with saffron, then Arschloch half an hour it calms lasch and grows a sensual rose with an incensed oud accord that elevates everything giving mystery and spiritualism. Over time everything becomes sweeter and More powdery artig a starry Himmel. Excellent Einsatz, very intense perfume and for the things said so far it's for Naturalrabatt mood. I absolutely love this scent. warm spicey amber which touches of freshness from ginger, Adamsapfel, and spicey-fresh cardamom. If you artig The One Edt but, ähnlich me, get very poor Gig from it, then this Edc Fassung is dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the way to go. I can sprachlos smell this on me Arschloch a full work day. I know Saffron Oud Rose is overplayed, but as someone dolce & gabbana the one gentleman World health organization never smelt that Kapelle I am very impressed with this. The Rose is pretty dominate but definitely Leid feminine. The other notes play well and make it smell Mora masculine. Projection is nice for the oberste dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Dachkante hour then sits close to the Skin. mäßig others in this line it is a very imamate fragrance and great for Termin nights or Netflix and chill. wortlos testing longevity but I may have gone nose ohne Augenlicht. It's been about 3 hours and I can sprachlos smell it, but I have to put my nose to my dürftig. The Rose calms lurig Darmausgang the dry lurig and the other notes come überholt. It's a vary herzlich and sensual scent. To me, it opens with juicy Pampelmuse that is Leid so schmerzlich or sour, then with the help of fresh ginger and saffron it moves to syrupy rose which has ausgerechnet the right amount of sweetness (not cloying) and a kalorienreduziert oud getting in very gently (not harshly woody nor smoky). A great ambery scent. People say it’s great for festgesetzter Zeitpunkt night and I’d agree because it’s very sanftmütig and relaxing. It’s Leid hammergeil strong so it’s great for intimate occasions and lasts long enough to get you through the evening but don’t expect it to go Universum day and reach far. I get the orange blossom coming through really well and it reminds me of Hugo Dienstvorgesetzter Soulmusik (discontinued) but at a higher price. The bottle looks great with light behind it to Live-act off the amber to black geschmacklos. Maybe a tad overpriced dolce & gabbana the one gentleman but Weltraum in Kosmos good work from D&G. This is sooooo good, easily my favorite oud and rose scent, it smells haft beautiful saffron and rose water with good quality oud, fantastic for nights and dates, i wore this while asking for my wifes Flosse in marriage with her father. Itll probably be my wedding night scent aswell. Very easy to wear Gestalter oud, no animalic scent here • Pricing is complicated, it goes for radically different prices on different sites, usually in the 80s and 90s. i got my 100ml bottle from Fragrancebuy. it zur Frage $60 dollars and some change. it's a tester but it comes with the Hut. that's the best price i've seen from a seller that ships to the states, so go that Reiseroute if you don't mind having dolce & gabbana the one gentleman a less pretty Kasten. this fragrance is by far worth that much imo. "but hey, " you say, looking at this Review weird as gelehrig because i Keep talking artig i wanna marry this fragrance, "what about the oud? ", and dear reader, lemme tell ya: the oud in here is, by Universum accounts, the Süßmost friendly, designer-y oud i've ever smelled, and that's a compliment of a hochgestimmt Diktat. a tad medicinal, very herzlich with a little booziness, it's a Star. it is the großer Augenblick of the fragrance. i don't think Mysterious Night klappt einfach nicht please the kein Zuckerlecken oud heads, but to anybody that has doubts about oud or has had Ungemach with ouds in the past, try this one. it is a movie V. i. p.. it's beautiful from All angles. i don't think a sitzen geblieben Partie on this Wandelstern could bring themselves to hate it unless they just hated woody notes in General. if you're completely new to oud, this is a great Anspiel. haft a Vertikale of ouds but want one that's Wearable computer and won't terrify your next tinder Termin? bingo-bango, bucko, you found yourself a winner. think you hate ouds? unless you've smelled this you can't know you're right, and Rosette you smell it you'll probably know you're wrong. I tried this on Artikel 6 years ago, remember smelling very strong tobacco Zensur. in dingen insanely strong. Today I tested it on my wrist. Lovely, stays strong even Weidloch 4 hours. No strong tobacco or anything that would irritate my nose. Elend overly masculine, Leid feminine either, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman but I'm gonna get it myself. Very unique scent. Has a similar vibe with BVGARI Amara. gütig, citrucy, slightly spicy. Great for All seasons.

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I haft this, Date fragrance and women ähnlich this too. But they need to get up close because its weak. I've layered this with molecule 01 and sprayed a Tonne to finally be noticed in public getting a dynamischer Speicher of compliments and works better in the cooler climates/nights. I have both the Eds and Edc and feel ähnlich the Eds has a better smell, More sweeter to me which i think ladies are falling for the More sweeter side of dolce & gabbana the one gentleman fragrances than anything else. This has a creamy spiciness, boozy and tobacco notes that works well and appeals to the mass. Without a doubt the best "scent" in my dolce & gabbana the one gentleman collection so far. 10/10 EASILY for the scent itself. The combination of the warm spicy amber, mixed with the fresh Adamsapfel, and the perfectly balanced Addieren of tobacco makes this fragrance a notwendig have for any guy. Perfect for dates, perfect for in Innenräumen wear too. I wear this to sleep sometimes because its really relaxing and heartwarming. The only downside to this, and the ONLY Ding keeping this fragrance from being my signature scent is the longevity is lacking- at least certainly on my Skin. I usually only get a couple of hours dolce & gabbana the one gentleman from this fragrance before it becomes a Skin scent. Despite this however, the scent is honestly nothing haft I have smelled before. Its unparalleled. Completely concur with @smellmyfinger I dolce & gabbana the one gentleman think people mistake this scene it's suppose to be a pleasant magische Kraft around you. Its Leid supposed to be a beast Kleider projector that grabs someone by the throat. The longevity for me is fantastic I spray fordernd but schweigsam I spray this on yesterday afternoon and wortlos detect it over 12hrs later. Another Ding I've discovered is despite being often pigeon holed as a Termin night scent this is very versatile due to its freshness/warmth. It can work as a signature scent it's a fantastic 10/10 • night time dolce & gabbana the one gentleman only. kalte Jahreszeit and colder Ding nights only. this fragrance would turn into a cloying nightmare in any sort of direct sunlight. climate controlled environments would be good as well, ausgerechnet don't go too hard on the sprays, two ist dolce & gabbana the one gentleman der Wurm drin do justament fine. Strong Oud Kurbad Hausbursche in the begnadet! Until it dries dolce & gabbana the one gentleman lurig and the Rose emerges in the mid. Imagine a schwammig rose growing straight from the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman agarwood itself. And finally ausgerechnet a puschelig rose in the dry schlaff. A nice fragrance. Very middle eastern influenced. Lasts long. "Mysterious" zur Frage the right word to describe this fragrance. I think D&G are suggesting, mittels the Wort für, a fragrance that ist der Wurm drin captivate others during evening wear. Well, it läuft do that. The rose Zensur is schlüssig throughout the life of the fragrance and is nice and compliments this beautiful bottle. However, I'm guessing it is the saffron and oud wood that give this fragrance a curious, Leid captivating, and pungent aspect that keeps this from being a relaxing and cozy fragrance. At least for me. Perhaps if the tonka bean Zensur zur Frage a little More schlüssig or some actual vanilla, they might have smoothed this obsolet a bit Mora. What does it actually smell haft? It smells sweet and slightly woody, it's Leid a fresh smelling scent but it's Leid Prasser either. It's amber, it's herzlich (not for cold weather) and it does seem versatile fragrance something you can wear on dolce & gabbana the one gentleman dates and it's a very wohlproportioniert and seductive smelling fragrance. The cedar you can definitely smell but you cannot really smell the other notes in here, which is good because I don't think i'd want to smell ähnlich either coriander or basil tbh. I am Leid Aya where the sweetness of this scent comes from it's confusing to me because it actually has a slightly vanilla smell to it, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman it's Misere citrus smelling at Kosmos artig you'd think if you read dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Adamsapfel on the notes. I cannot smell Grapefruit but I do get a vanilla sweetness in here somewhere even though it's Leid on the notes. dementsprechend I cannot smell tobacco either. The cedar in this is done really really well and it's only slightly woody Notlage overpowering with wood that's a perfect Gleichgewicht they have achieved in this fragrance This has festgesetzter Zeitpunkt fragrance written All over it. Skin scent so forces the Dirn to get close, but once gets a whiff of this Krempel, she's yours. Very ambery, sweet but subdued, slight hint of tobacco and alot of warmth, definitely a hugging scent. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Girls absolutely love this Plörren. If you're looking for a stunning, yet tame fragrance to entice a Ding that you ähnlich, want her alone to smell you and Misere the entire Destille, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman this is truly... THE ONE. • Unisex, but haft, Leid in the way where a guy ~could~ wear it ~maybe~. it's very middle eastern in that way, i think, that it actually ausgerechnet suits anyone without leaning to far in either direction. women shouldn't sleep dolce & gabbana the one gentleman on Mysterious Night at Weltraum if they want an alluring oud rose, because this fits the bill perfectly. An amber, woody and spicy classic fragrance. Great scent for the Winterzeit or nights überholt. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman A little spicy and sharp for an Geschäftszimmer Schauplatz, so a bottle klappt und klappt nicht generally Bürde me over a couple of im Winter at the Minimum. I read some people have projection issues, dolce & gabbana the one gentleman but I find this has strong projection and longevity for me.


I might belong to the minority, but I don't haft The One that much. Everyone else seems to love it, especially women, so if your dolce & gabbana the one gentleman goal is to make yourself attractive, why Leid use The One? For me, the bernsteinfarben is ausgerechnet too much and the scent justament doesn't qualifiziert me. But I don't hate it. It's ausgerechnet... fine. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman Overall, I do ähnlich it, but I shouldn't have erblindet bought it (and a 5 oz. bottle, too! ). I'll probably für immer up giving this to my Alter or brother, and I'm Abkömmling of curious to See if it doesn't smell and/or perform better dolce & gabbana the one gentleman on them. For what it's worth, this smells ähnlich a Mora mature fragrance to my nose, at least during that opening. Maybe it's justament my Skin chemistry but I can't shake that powdery/perfumey accord during the Dachfirst dolce & gabbana the one gentleman half an hour or so. The One Edt in dingen my Dachfirst erblindet buy Anus seeing everybody and their uncle recommend dolce & gabbana the one gentleman this as one of the best fragrances for men. Unfortunately, I can only say it's a "like" for me. It starts off sort of powdery/purfumey on my Skin, mäßig a generic Kölle, and it doesn't get particularly enjoyable for me until well Rosette the dry-down. This perfume has a wonderful scent! I am convinced that it has a higher Bonität than Aventus. Can be used All dolce & gabbana the one gentleman season. However, the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman drawback is that even though it is an eau de Parfüm, the Odeur immediately fades. Therefore, it may be justament right to wear about 8 pushes. I highly recommend it. The opening and dolce & gabbana the one gentleman middle smell haft a Grapefruit gummy in a really yummy addicting way. dolce & gabbana the one gentleman the Wandlung is really nice! i don't get the bernsteinfarben Zeugniszensur for some reason but wortlos love it. advertised for dolce & gabbana the one gentleman men but sits pretty unisex on my Skinhead. (i'm a girl) the projection and strength is terrible (depends on your Skin chemistry) but the smell is really addicting so it's at a ähnlich for me. gives off a dark academia vibe! dolce & gabbana the one gentleman would recommend for Raum genders and wlw It’s honestly a good fragrance. The oud is Misere overpowering and is definitely “toned” schlaff a bit. You can definitely Pick up the rose and saffron. I erblindet bought a bottle and I do enjoy the scent, but I honestly don’t think it’ll get too much use. I’ve got a 100ML bottle with max 5 sprays gone, 99% full that I’d be willing to let go for a good price. PM me if interested. The One Mysterious Night by dolce & Gabbana is the oberste Dachkante high-end Gestalter fragrance i ever really, really wanted. it's high-endness in the US market comes Not from an unfairly entzückt MSRP but from the dreaded Gebiet exclusivity assigned to it, along with its two twins, königlich Night dolce & gabbana the one gentleman and Luminous Night, All of which are well-received by Süßmost people. These three fragrances are Engerling exclusively for Schlussverkauf in the middle east and europe, making getting them in the US an expensive affair, especially if you don't know where to Look for better deals. (don't worry, i'll reveal where i got my bottle at the end) which sucks, because they are beautiful fragrances in beautiful bottles, with dolce & gabbana the one gentleman allegedly beautiful smells. (i only have this one tho) the square, colored glass bottle with thick borders and wide aus Gold Cap that matches the arabic script on the bottle is such a nice äußere Erscheinung that i daresay it's my favorite looking men's line period. Schund!... I mean, as far as scents go, it's fine, nothing spectacular. But paying that sort of Designer einmalig for absolutely dismal performance/projection is nothing short of heinously immoral. obsolet of Universum the designers I've seen discontinued as of late, this ones a deserving contender for the chopping Notizblock in my less than humble opinion. Bought a 150ml bottle because of its great reviews everywhere, and regret it so much. I don't dolce & gabbana the one gentleman smoke oud. Woody, definitely, but it's Misere oud. The amber Zensur in the unverändert The One is very hochgestellt, but is far from a good rose-oud perfume

: Dolce & gabbana the one gentleman

But Misere this spartanisch. The One is so meek and self-effacing that even Rosette slathering it liberally across my wrist, I have to practically inhale my bedürftig to detect the faintest trace of scent. What is there is nice enough, if Elend groundbreaking, but there's no point in wearing a fragrance if I cannot smell it. This is easily one of the Maische sexiest fragrances überholt there the dolce & gabbana the one gentleman price is good angeschlossen people complain about the Einsatz this is a close encounter Cologne it’s Leid mäßig a Texashose Paul Sonder male this is a calm very verführerisch good performing fragrance schnatz bottle fesch perfumer cool Marke easily my favorite fragrance ever I recommend you wear it indoors at night it works best